Rajendra Gudha mentions Rajasthan CM’s Son in ‘Red Diary’

Gudha has been attacking Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and other ministers for some time now.

Jaipur: Sacked Congress Minister Rajendra Singh Gudha on Wednesday released three pages of the red diary here, and claimed that it mentioned the name of CM’s son and RCA transactions. He also accused the government of “blackmailing” him.

Gudha has been attacking Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and other ministers for some time now. In a press conference, he claimed that the diary had the handwriting of Dharmendra Rathore, who is a veteran Congress leader and close to the chief minister.

“In the diary, the transactions of the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) are in code words and things have also been written about the Chief Minister’s Secretary and Vaibhav Gehlot,” he said.

Rajendra Gudha mentions Rajasthan CM’s Son in ‘Red Diary’

The main points of the pages that were released include:

“Vaibhav ji and I both discussed the RCA election expenses, how Bhavani Samota is not giving people’s money even after deciding how…  .Bhavani Samota has not fulfilled the promise he has made to most of the people… I said it is not right… If you fulfill it then Bhavani Samota said that I will put it in the notice of CP sir… Then  I will tell you by 31st January…

(Bhavani Samota is former RAS and current secretary of RCA. It is claimed that he is close to the Speaker, Dr C.P. Joshi. Vaibhav Gehlot is Ashok Gehlot’s son and current RCA president.)

He claimed that it has the handwriting of Dharmendra Rathore, the senior Congress leader and RTDC chairman,  and said that he will keep making revelations about the pages of this diary, “if I go to jail, my trusted person will keep sending these pages to you,” he announced.

Gudha said that the corruption and transactions of RCA are clearly mentioned in the pages shown today.

“I am not blackmailing the government, but the government is blackmailing me and Randhawa had also pressurized me to apologise,” the former minister, adding, “I wanted to table this diary in the Assembly so that all the facts come out officially.”

Gudha created a stir by waving a red diary in the House after being dismissed from the post of minister.  On July 24, Gudha Lal went in front of the Speaker with the diary and went to the table of Parliamentary Affairs Minister Shanti Dhariwal and put his mike down.

During this, he was pushed away by the Congress MLAs. Gudha was suspended from the House for the entire session.  Along with Gudha, BJP MLA Madan Dilawar was also suspended.


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