NDA has the Roadmap for Next 25 Years: PM Modi

New Delhi, July 18: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Tuesday that the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) has a greater role to play in this ‘Amrit Kaal’, adding that every section of the society has faith in the NDA.

Amrit Kaal, a term coined by the PM in 2021, is the new roadmap for the country for the next 25 years.

“NDA has a greater role to play in this important time period (Amrit Kaal). NDA’s N means ‘New India’, D means ‘Developed Nation’ and A means ‘Aspiration of the People’,” Modi said in his address at the NDA meeting convened by the BJP here on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister said, “Recently, NDA completed its 25 years of formation. These 25 years have given pace to the country’s development and fulfilment of regional aspirations. This means development of the nation happens through development of the states. NDA has constantly strengthened this mantra.

“I deeply express my gratitude to our old colleagues (alliance partners) who have been with us through this journey. For our future journey, the new colleagues who have joined us, I welcome them from the core of my heart. Our country will move forward in the coming 25 years to achieve a big goal. That goal is of a developed India and ‘Aatmanirbhar Bharat (self-reliant India).”


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“Today, the faith of the country’s poor, middle-class, youth, women, Dalit, adivasis and other sections of the society is on the NDA. Our sociologists, political pundits and economists — they are also seeing NDA as the positive force for the development of India,” Modi said.

Taking a swipe at the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) announced by the Opposition in Bengaluru on Tuesday, Modi said, “In our country, there has been a long tradition of political alliances, but any alliance formed with negativity can never been successful.”

“When the alliance is formed due to the compulsion of power, with the intention of corruption and is based on ‘familism’, it does a lot of harm to the country,” Modi said.

In a veiled attack on the Gandhi family, the Prime Minister said, “Before 2014 (under the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government), there was a high-command over the Prime Minister (Manmohan Singh), there was policy paralysis, inability to take decisions, tussle, and scams worth lakhs and crores of rupees.”

“Our resolution and agenda are positive… NDA’s ideology is always nation first,” Modi said.

The PM added that in the last nine years, the NDA government has made every possible effort to fight corruption. (IANS)

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