Gautam Adani extends support to orphaned children affected by the tragic Odisha train accident

Gautam Adani Steps Up: Adani Group Promises Education for Orphaned Children in Odisha Train Tragedy

Bhubaneshwar, TNI Bureau: Gautam Adani, the prominent industrialist and leader of the Adani Group, made a significant announcement on Sunday regarding the tragic Odisha triple train accident. The devastating incident resulted in the loss of at least 288 lives and left over 1,000 people injured on Saturday.

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In a heartfelt tweet in Hindi, Gautam Adani expressed his deep concern about the train accident in Odisha. Recognizing the collective responsibility to support the victims and their families, he declared that the Adani Group will undertake the responsibility of providing education to the children who have lost their parents in this tragic event. Adani emphasized the importance of securing a better future for these young ones.

The triple train accident, which occurred in Balasore, Odisha, has been deemed the most severe in the country in the past century. Gautam Adani’s commitment to ensuring the education of the affected children reflects his compassion and dedication to assisting those affected by the tragedy. By taking this initiative, the Adani Group aims to contribute towards providing a brighter tomorrow for the children who have experienced such a profound loss.

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