End Diplomatic Ties with Pakistan – The Failed Nation


Editor’s Desk: The way Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari played a cruel joke and reversed his decision at the stroke of midnight by making some weird excuses, it was proved beyond doubt that Pakistan has failed yet again as a democratic country.

Hours after he commuted the death sentence of Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh, who has been languishing in Pakistan jail for 22 years, Asif Ali Zardari proved that he is a failed leader, who does not how to handle diplomatic ties with other countries.

Under pressure from some hardliner groups such as JuD and ISI, he reversed his decision and said that it was Surjeet Singh, not Sarabjit Singh, who was being released. That devastated Sarabjit’s family and millions of people across India. Even the government was embarrassed, as External Affairs Minister SM Krishna had earlier thanked Zardari and welcomed Sarabjit’s release.

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The inside story says there was no goof-up and the Pakistan President had indeed commuted Sarabajit’s death sentence to life. However, he was forced to reverse his decision under tremendous pressure and proved that he is the weakest President Pakistan has ever had.

No kudos for Pakistan for releasing Surjeet Singh, as he was legally entitled to it. Surjeet has already served his jail term of 30 years in Pakistan prison.

India should not take this development lightly, and take stern action against Pakistan to put more pressure on that “rogue” country to act sensibly. The Indian government must show courage to end diplomatic ties with Pakistan to bring it to its knees.

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