5 Routers That Support IPv6 FOR Homes and Small Biz


TNI Bureau: Now-a-days, there is a steady transition that is happening from IPv4 to IPv6. There are indications that this changeover could see IPv4 and IPv6 running in synchronized tandem for some time to come.

In the meantime, this emphasizes the need for the networking devices to support IPv6 thoroughly during and after the transition phase.

Currently there are few networking devices, which do not support the IPv6 . Talking of network devices the most important that comes to mind is the router. Yes, is your router IPv6 friendly? An affirmative answer  to this could mean a world of convenience, cost effectiveness , speed and performance to internet access.

Below are the top 5 routers that are compatible with the IPv6. They are most sought after for use in homes and small businesses.

1. D-Link Amplify whole home router 1000 DIR-645: It is one of the most cost effective single band routers which covers long range and high performance. It’s one of the first routers from D-link with high IPv6 compatibility. It is an ideal investment for homes seeking fast wired network and good WI-Fi signal coverage.

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2. D-Link Amplifi-HD Media router 2000 DIR-827: Its an authentic dual-band router that offers USB 3.0 and HD feature. It also promotes seamless media streaming and greater WI-Fi coverage vis a vis other router in the market.

3. ASUS RT-N56U: This chic router is a star 5Ghz performer with speed  and convenient  data accessibility over the internet. It is undeniably the best original dual-band 300Mbps home routers.

4. ASUS-RT N66U Dark Knight Double 450 Mbps N Router: It’s a marvelous upgrade of the already ASUS RT-N56U. It supports speeds of 450 Mbps at 2.4 GHz and 5Ghz bands. It is the only router that supports up to 6 guest networks and is an ideal choice for home and small businesses.

5. Buffalo Air Station AC 1300/N900 Gigabit dual band wireless router WZR-D1800H: This one is a pioneer in supporting the latest 802.11 as standard and gives a speed of 1.3 Gbps. High on affordability and offers great value without increase in price.

Whether you need a home or a business based IPv6 compatible router solution, these routers are a fair range to cater to your specific needs and requirements .

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