Big Merger Takes Place on Bigg Boss 6


By Himanshu Guru: After the ‘Diwali’ celebrations in the Bigg Boss house, things gradually started to change. New twists and turns started to take place both in the ‘Padosi Ghar’ as well as in the main house. Imam’s sudden violent behavior results in his ouster from the Padosi Ghar. To make it interesting Jyoti Amge, the world’s shortest girl was brought in the house as the latest Wild Card entry in the show.

The show did not miss any chance and original firebrand of the Bigg Boss house, Rakhi Sawant was brought.  In the mean time Santosh Sukla was trying his luck with Aashka.

The latest turn was the introduction of the Good and Evil gamers through ‘Angels and Demons’, where the Vishal, Karishma, Delnaz and Rajev were Angels and Sapna, Sana, Urvashi, Niketan and Mink became Demons. The two teams were assigned tasks at par with their characteristics.  Now, Imam Siddique was the hot cake who tried to impress the housemates with his bizarre styles and makes some TRP for Big Boss.

Finally the wall between the two houses was broken which had never been expected. It was a real shock for both, the contestants inside and the audience and more than that it was the latest twist in the show to make climb the graph of Bigg Boss ascending. The show which had started to seem monotonous in the last few episodes now came up with a bang.

Theme of Bigg Boss season 6, ‘Alag Che’ perhaps was seen with the introduction of the ‘Padosi Ghar’ and then dismantling of it later, proving the theme. However, the event of breaking of the ‘Padosi Ghar’ is really worth discussing.

Breaking of the Padosi Ghar: How it Took Place

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Five black people in black costume and covered with masks and carrying hammers break the main door open and enter the house. The housemates hurry up and these guys enter the bedroom and start hammering whatever came their way. They then escort the housemates through a tunnel and take them towards the main house. The padosi house is devastated by this time.

In the meantime, the main house gets an emergency announcement that instructs all the housemates to assemble in the activity area immediately. The lights of the house start sparkling, the walls start trembling and the housemates are shocked at this unexpected situation.

One by one all the housemates run out of the house and start assembling in the garden area. Delnaaz and Sana start screaming for Rajev to move out of the washroom. All the housemates enter the activity area and slightly relax. Now they see a cloud of smoke rising from the garden area and they were astonished to guess what is exactly going on.

Now, the padosi housemates enter the main house. But as they are still with their masks, covering their faces and not talking to anyone as per Bigg Boss’s order, situation still continue the same way for the housemates. The main house contestants are instructed to reenter the house. The housemates walk into the house all excited and the big reunion takes place.

The next twist was the announcement by Bigg Boss who informs all the housemates that all 14 contestants are nominated for the coming week’s eviction and there will be 3 evictions this time. The housemates are left stunned and astonished after this announcement.

The biggest twist was witnessed when the two worlds (the two houses) met each other in the main house. Now, a ‘Tarazoo’ task was assigned to all the housemates.

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