Animal Sacrifice Continues at Sulia Yatra in Balangir


TNI Bureau: It is most unfortunate that despite proclamation of section 144 of Cr.P.C and utmost care taken by the district administration, following the High Court’s direction, huge numbers of animals are being sacrificed in the Sulia Yatra in Balangir District.

In a time when the country is passing through a difficult time, sacrificing huge number of animals in the name of tradition by the Adivasis at Sulia Yatra in Balangir district has shocked the animal lovers and social activists.

Sulia Yatra is observed by the tribal people of Balangir and adjoining districts on the first Tuesday of the Hindu calendar month of Pausha, where a large number of innocent animals including buffaloes, goats, hens and sheep are slaughtered in Khairaguda of Deogaon in the name of observing tribal traditions.

After a Public Interest Litigation was lodged in this connection, the Odisha High Court directed the Balangir district administration to stop the gruesome practice at the main yatra centre in Khairguda, called ‘Bad Khala’ in the year 2006. Accordingly, the district administration took solid steps and succeeds to halt and the ‘sacrifices’ with the help of Sulia Sanskar Manch in that year. A case related to the sacrifices, is still pending in the High court.

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While killing of the animals was checked only in that year, still a few numbers of sacrifices took place in another place called ‘Saan Khala’ as per reports then.

Since then, the district administration and social activists are trying hard to do away with the age-old but evil tradition but practically the brutal process could not have been stopped.

However, Paschim Odisha Adivasi Kalyan Sangha Secretary Niranjan Bisi has another story to tell. He argues that while a number of animal slaughters take place in the very heart of Balangir town, why the non-tribal people object them, when they sacrifice animals to their God once in a year at an isolated place inside the jungle?

Unfortunately, the same practice of killing hundreds of animals was repeated this year also. The worshipers are avoiding places where large numbers of Police are deployed, but continuing with the sacrifice at other places. As per latest reports, slaughtering of the small animals is going on and buffaloes are waiting to be slaughtered. A big area is full of animal blood and the slaughtering is going on in presence of children, women and others.

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