Ali Quli Mirza – Big Entertainment in Bigg Boss

Ali Quli MirzaThe reality TV show Bigg Boss 8 has been a roller coaster ride for the inmates as of now. While twists and turns, with emotional highs and lows, remain an integral part of the show, Ali Quli Mirza, the wild card entry of this season, has been the talk of the show since day one.
On his arrival, Ali was appointed as the captain of the Bigg Boss house, which surprised one and all. Being the first Captain of the house, he launched an obsessive ‘Swachhata Abhiyaan”.
However, Ali broke down and wept heavily when Gulati abused his sister during a verbal fight in the house. The captain of the house also pointed a sharp knife at Gulati and threatened him to poke his eyes out if he uses abusive language again.
What are keeping Ali in the news are his interviews and statements before entering the Bigg Boss house. In an interview, Ali openly said, “I will romance each and every girl inside the Bigg Boss 8 house.” He also said he is a big fan of Salman Khan which is one of the reasons why he took up the show.
Dubai based Ali is handsome and has a personality that was needed in the Bigg Boss house. His voice and singing further adds to his charm.
Ali becomes the hot topic of discussion around the house. But, though he is strict when taking decisions, he also entertains certain co-contestants as he sings songs throughout the day.

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