5 Health-Ruining Habits in Women


By Triveni Sharma: Health-ruining habits are usually found in many women. Sometimes they don’t know about the health-ruining habits and that causes health problems like obesity, and weight gain. It is important to keep a check on these habits.

Let us check out five health-ruining habits in Women:

Too Much Drinking

Women are more likely than men to start drinking heavily later in life, and many times their alcohol abuse goes undiagnosed. Alcohol increases a woman’s risk of developing serious illnesses and an increased risk of heart disease, liver disease, ulcers, reproductive problems, osteoporosis, pancreatitis, memory loss, and other illnesses caused by substance and alcohol abuse.


Wearing High-Heels

When it comes to high heels, women regularly sacrifice their sense of comfort in order to take a fashion-forward approach. Studies show that high heels place excessive stress both on the front and back of the knees; osteoarthritis is common among women who have worn high heels for much of their adult lives. Low back pain is another common side effect of long-term heels use.


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Obsession for Appearance

Many of women have one thing about our body which we are particularly aware of. If left unchecked, it can drive us to an unhealthful obsession, a negative body image and even unhealthy spending, to correct that supposed flaw. By becoming aware that you are obsessing about your appearance, and determining strategies to keep your obsessions in check, you can better enjoy life.


Emotional Eating

Excess of eating while a woman is sad or depress is called emotional eating. Emotional eating is not healthy for anyone. It is one of the most health-ruining habits in women. The easiest way to end this bad habit is to find an activity or hobby that will kill your time of over eating.


Sleeping in Make-up

Most of us have give way to the enticement to sleep in our post-party makeup at some point. However, leaving makeup on overnight along with the dirt and oil that naturally accumulates on skin throughout the day –is a quick route to blocked pores, packed full skin and spots. Sleeping with mascara and eye makeup on can also affect your health by causing eye irritation, bloodshot eyes or even infection.

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