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World becomes Short for Bitti Mohanty

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He was convicted for raping her German friend in Alwar, Rajasthan in March 2006. And, in less than 15 days, he was convicted and sent to seven years in jail by a fast track court. But, he was released on a parole in November 2006 and then fled to exile using a fake identity. For more than six years, Bitti Mohanty lived a new life, but the world became short for him when his true identity was revealed and he got arrested.

Bitti Mohanty - Then & Now

Nobody expected the 29-year-old Bitti Mohanty in Kerala. Many thought he had fled the country with the help of his influential father (BB Mohanty, Former Odisha DGP) and other “uncles” in Odisha Police. But, that was not the case. After jumping the prarole, he went straight to Puttaparthi and met Shri Rama Rao, former headmaster of Sri Sathya Sai Deenajanodharana School.Bitti identified himself as ‘Raghav Rajan’ and pretended to be from Andhra Pradesh. Rama Rao believed his story and employed him a as a teacher. A man who identified himself as Bitti’s father Rajeev Rajan was in constant touch with Rama Rao. He used to visit Bitti along with another person. Rama Rao took care of Bitti as a father, as he looked very depressed and frustrated in the beginning. He was getting Rs 1200 per month with free accommodation at Rama Rao’s house.

During his 1.5-year tenure as the Teacher of Mathematics and Computer, Bitti suffered from jaundice and took a break for six months during the recovery process. Later, he got a job at Shree Vidya Degree College – 12km away from Puttaparthi. After working there for 18 months, Bitti quit the job and took MAT at Satyasai University. He failed to enroll for MBA there, but later got the MBA Degree from Chinmaya Institute of Technology. That helped him to get a Lecturer’s job at Amrita University. He then prepared for Banking and cleared the Bank P.O. exam at State Bank of Travancore and worked in Kerala.

Soon after the TV channels and websites flashed the list of absconder rapists aftermath Delhi Gangrape in December 2012, the Bank authorities got an anonymous letter reportedly sent by his woman colleague, who happened to be his lover. The letter was forwarded to the police. Upon investigation, it was found that Raghav Rajan was in fact Bitti Mohanty and he was apprehended.

Bitti carried a fake Passport, Driving Licence, Voter ID Card, Matric Certificate and B.Tech certificate on the name of Raghav Rajan. Would it be possible without the support of his influential father, whose clout powered Bitti to rape a German friend and try to suppress her voice. Had he accepted the court’s verdict gracefully, Bitti would be a free man today after his seven-year jail term. However, he would get a more severe and prolonged sentence for jumping the parole, not completing his term, impersonation and forging the documents to get a job at a nationalised bank.

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