Women prefer Lipstick Shades relating to Food and Sex


TNI Bureau: Lips are one of the most attractive and sexiest body parts of any woman. Women love to adorn their lips with the variety of fragrant lipstick shades available in the market. Lipstick is liked by almost every woman in the world.

There are so many varieties of lipstick shades of different brands available in the market with the name relating to food and sex. The fragrance and the color of the lipstick can drive any woman crazy for it.

Lipstick is not just color alone. Many things can be taken into consideration when choosing a product, which can help a woman to change her appearance. When a woman is going to select a lipstick for her, she usually rubs a little on her wrist and breathes its fragrance. A novel study finds that when shopping for a new lip-color to put on their pout, women are suckers for sweet sexy names.

A recent study was held by a lead author Professor Debra Merskin, from the University of Oregon. In the study, Merskin   sorted out the names of 1,722 lipsticks from 52 national brands. The breakdown revealed that the most popular categories were named after food, sex, or mood, while those labeled with birds and animals were slightly sought.

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Researchers found shades that inveigled women the most included, Food (24%), Color (20%), Sex and Romance (10%), Elements and Minerals (9%) and Emotions and Characteristics ( 8%).

The reason is to comprehend how meaning is created through lipstick naming. It sounds quite amazing that women prefer lipstick shades relating to food and sex.

There are many popular shades of lipstick which are related to food and sex like triple chocolate parfait, Hot Mama outselling classic nude Reds and pinks, Watermelon to Succulent Lychee etc. The appealing color with a fragrance of different foods is the first choice of women.

Other than this, women prefer the nude lipstick shades, which are also the trendsetter and the first choice of many women. The natural looking shades give an appealing look to the lips and make one feel sexy.

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