Types of men women Love and Hate


The relationship between men and women has always been a love-hate type. Though women publicly admit that they like men who are strong, secretly they like a man on whom she can brandish certain amount of power.

A woman’s relationship with a man is very delicate and she looks for a strong shoulder to rest her head. A woman always likes a man who has a big heart and ready to share and care. Below are the types of men, women love and hate:

Types of Men Women love

  • Secret sensitive side

Women love to see the sensitive side of men. Tears are a sign of extreme intimacy, and the fact that he’s let down his guard probably means that he cares about you deeply and trusts you.

  • The way of talking

Women love those men who talk to them with reverence and respect. For women, way of talking of men is very important as it presents their real style and way to converse.

  • When men make women feel beautiful and sensitive

The scrawny hipster-types biceps make women lose consciousness. Women love men who make them feel beautiful and delicate. Women also want men to make them feel feminine.

  • Man who make her feel good

Women adore those men who make them feel good by sometimes praising their looks and sometimes telling them what actually they mean for men. As women want to experience a more meaningful, emotionally-fulfilling life with the men, than she would with most other guys. Romance is something almost every women trance from their men.

  • Men, who are confident

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Almost every modern woman fantasizes about meeting the kind of man who has the confidence to walk up to her, start a conversation and sweep her off her feet. Women love such types of men who are self-assured, unafraid to be his true, unafraid to show his sexual interest in her and unafraid to move things forward to a phone number, kiss, sex or date.

Types of Men Women hate

  • Immature

Women hate such men who are immature and don’t have sense what and where to talk. They are desperate for everything. They cannot stand delays and waits. Some men seem to have it twisted, as their immaturity makes the woman feel like she should claim them as a dependant on her taxes.

  • Self-centered man

A self-centered man is rarely loved by women and more often than not will crave for female company. You are setting yourself up for failure, if you show undue interest in other women when you are with a woman. This is a behavior that women dislike and will definitely put her off. Manipulative attitude is something that women dislike in a man.

  • Submissive attitude

Many men think that being obedient and submissive would be appreciated by women. But the real fact is women get annoyed with men who are too submissive and ready to do anything for her. This does not mean that a woman does not want a sensitive man who is open about his feelings, but it does mean that a woman still wants a man to be his own person, think for himself and claim what he wants from a relationship.

  • Bad Mouth and moody

Women hate men who abuse woman or use foul language. A man who knows what and how to speak to a woman will be sought after. Women naturally are more emotionally inclined than men. But some men are more moody and emotional. One moment they are happy and the very next they become angry beasts. Predicting the mood of such men become very tough for women many times, as how they would react and behave to situations.

  • The alcoholics or drugs addict

Men who drink alcohol or take drugs without any limitations are a big turn off for women. Women hate such men who are not in control and cannot live without it. Addiction of any drug will be the first thing that will drive women away from you

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    Modern girls love lions, not mice. 🙂

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