Student Union Polls in Odisha to be held on Oct 8

The Election of Students’ Union and other Student Societies/Associations shall be held in all the Government and Non-Government Aided Colleges of the State as per the following time table without any deviation in order to enforce discipline in Educational Institutions for the session 2013 -14.

Student Union1.   Notice   regarding   date lined   scheduled   for   Elections: 28-09-2013 (Saturday)

2.   Filing of Nominations: 30-09-2013(Monday)

3.   Scrutiny of Nominations: 30-09-2013 (Monday)

4.   Publication of Valid Nominations: 01-10-2013(Tuesday)

5.   Withdrawal of Nominations:  01-10-2013(Tuesday)

6.   Publication of Final list of Contestants: 01-10-2013 (Tuesday)

7.   “Meeting on Why I Stand for”: 07-10-2013(Monday)

8.   Polling: 08-10-2013(Tuesday)

9.   Counting and Declaration of Election Results: 08-10- 2013 (Tuesday)

10. Oath Taking Ceremony of Elected Candidates: 09-10-2013(Wednesday)

The following guidelines shall be strictly followed during the period of Election, right from issue of notice to oath taking ceremony.

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(i) There will be complete disassociation of students election and student representation from political parties.

(ii) During the period of Election no person, who is not a student on the rolls of the, college, sha1l be permitted to take part in the election process in any capacity.


i) Undergraduate students between the ages of 15 and 22 and post graduate students with the maximum age limit of24-25 years may contest elections.

(ii) The candidate should in no event have any academic arrears in the year of contesting the election.

(iii) The candidate should have attained the minimum percentage of attendance as prescribed by the University or 75% attendance whichever is higher.

(iv) The candidate shall have one opportunity to contest for the post of office bearer and two opportunities to contest for the post of an executive member.

(v) The candidate shall not have a previous criminal record, that is to say he should not have been tried and/or convicted of any criminal offence or misdemeanour. The candidate shall also not have been subject to any disciplinary action by the  University authorities.

(vi) The candidate must be a regular, full time student of the college and should not be a  distance/proximate education student.


(i) The maximum permitted expenditure per candidate shall be Rs. 5,000/-.

(ii) Each candidate shall, within two weeks of the  declaration of the result, submit complete and certified (to be certified by the candidate) accounts to the college authorities. The college shall publish such accounts within 2 days of submission of accounts, through a suitable medium so that any member of the student body may freely examine the same.

(iii) The election of the candidate will be nullified in the event of any non-compliance or in the event of any excessive expenditure.

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