Social Media Thrills, but Kills

The mainstream media has been biased of reporting issues that are not related to peace and development and often accused of targeting a group or individuals based on their preferences. The advent of social media played a key role in busting and exposing all propaganda and it was believed that it would replace the media as a reliable and authentic medium. But, is it happening?

The social media is getting very powerful in today’s digital world. Be it Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp, they help in spreading awareness and reporting fast news. At the same time, we are getting disturbing trends of photo shopped images, false news, slanderous campaign etc. on social media, which the mainstream media won’t dare to do, as they are regulated and accountable.

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Attacks and counter attacks have become the new fashion on social media platforms. Bulldozing others’ views, attacking them with slang, abuses and threats, trolling them hard, indulging in name calling, were not part of the concept that led to the rise of social media. Some vested interests now disturbing peace and harmony – whether social or religious, using these tools.

While political parties and their fans take the lead to spread hatred, communal frenzy and maligning campaigns, even senior journalists add fuel to the fire by their insensitive and biased reporting. Where we are heading? When it will stop? We never know…

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