Internet Jobs: Fake or Real???


By Triveni Sharma: Internet jobs are the best medium to explore the world and make a good earning, sitting at home. There are about thousands of companies promising job with a good salary. It is quite difficult to find out whether they are real or fake.

If you are registered to,, you will get many job offers daily but believing those is not an easy going task. Searching on Google or any other search engine will also not help to find out the truth, as if the website of the company is properly constructed and promoted, it will be shown during the search.

Before going to start any internet job one should consider the following points:

1) The point being, any genuine or illegitimate employer can have access to your resume at job portal and it’s vital to find out whether it is a genuine offer or not. Also, there should be direct communication with the company workforce instead doing it online.

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2) Companies demanding money are considered as fake. So, don’t send money for work at home directories, advice on getting hired, company information or for anything else related to a job.

3) Always ask for references if you’re not sure that the company is legitimate, request them a list of other employees or contractors. Then, contact the orientation to ask and discuss how this is working out. If the company isn’t willing to endow with the references (names, email addresses, and phone numbers), do not consider the prospect.

4) Stay away from listings that guarantee you wealth, financial success, or that will help you get rich fast. Always be clear of listings that offer you high income for part-time hours.

These are the few points one should go through before applying for any Internet job. Always choose a job that you find genuine. Don’t consider search engines as trusted sources, as it will always give the blend list of both genuine and fake companies. Explore companies that you are interested to work with and then take the final plunge.

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