Bird Flu in Odisha: Time to go Vegan?


Editor’s Desk: The rising cases of Bird Flu or H5N1 Avian Flu in Odisha have raised serious questions on the eating habits of people in the state. Many people wonder whether it’s time to quit non-veg and go vegan.

It has been proved beyond doubt over and again that non-veg foods are attributed to various diseases in human body. From skin infection to liver and kidney diseases, non-veg foods play a key role in disturbing the immune system in our body.

The Bird Flu, which first surfaced in the Keranga area of Khurda, spread to Bahanada in Mayurbhanj district and Angul too. In February, it was detected in the capital city, Bhubaneswar, leading to a panic situation across the state.

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The state government had no option but to cull over 40,000 poultry birds and destroy lakhs of eggs as a precaution. Sale of chicken and eggs were banned in Bhubaneswar. Common people in the city also stopped consuming poultry products. But, that did not deter them from thronging to the meat and fish market.

While the chicken and egg business took a heavy beating, there was a sudden rise in the business of meat and fish. It clearly showed that we have been addicted to non-veg foods to such an extent that we always look for the ways to consume something that is considered as a non-vegan food.

From leading saints and yoga gurus to health experts, everyone has recommended the vegetarian diet for the human body. They have cited several examples why the vegetarian food is good for our health and helps us live longer.

Non-veg foods give us the taste and pleasure, but also put our body at the risk of contracting many ailments. On the other hand, vegetarian foods give us a healthy life and peace of mind. It’s obviously our call which way we want to go.

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