Facebook Debate on Opposition Space in Odisha

Debate Question: Do we have an Opposition Party in Odisha that can put the Govt on back foot on public issues?

Laxminarayan Kanungo: In general, if a man speaks Odia, we don’t like him. If he listens to our problem, we don’t like it. If he maintains distance and say monosyllabic answers, we like him! We don’t like the meritorious ones to lead in any party. Years of slavery, persecution, discrimination have made us like that.

Even many states like Kerala, AP, TN who are frequently changing governments are now better placed in terms of good governance as per various rankings/surveys.

Rounak Panda: Well, Naveen Patnaik’s Govt. is performing pretty well in almost all aspects. However, as Nehru ji said ‘A Good opposition is necessary, for a Healthy Democracy’. So, it’s necessary to have a strong Opposition. Keeping Odisha on mind, we don’t have any strong opposition. The 2nd largest party is trying its best to prove its potential, but yet it has failed to prove because of internal politics.

Sreema Satapathy: No. Not at all. Congress has no consistency and stability and on the other hand, BJP is busy dealing with its own people.

Rajesh Tripathy: I think BJP is playing the justified role. Yes, doubt arises when we are witnessing instances where both BJP and BJP joining voices on national issues. But that sounds matured as long as positive and growth focused politics is concerned. Opposition does not mean to criticize on each and every move of the ruling party.

Anuj Sahoo: Odisha has a beautiful scenario. National BJP has a very cordial relation with BJD, which leaves the state unit completely confused due to which they failed to play their role as the opposition. But Congress to a certain extent, has played the role very well in the Parliament with its MLAs asking very legitimate questions. Congress is more pro-active on the ground too. Still, both BJP and Congress have failed to take up the role of Opposition in Odisha.

Dilip Kumar Joshi: Congress is struggling & busy with leg pulling & have no voice to fight for right issues rather than raking up non issues. On the other hand, there is a leadership crisis in BJP. No strong workers at the grassroots level. Few are just performing their duty as opposition. Moreover, Naveen Govt is doing well in all aspects; still we need strong opposition to highlight the real issues.

Bijoy Rout: Both BJP and Congress are in the pocket of BJD. It’s proved beyond doubt several times in the past when leaders from both parties joined BJD ahead of elections. I think the opposition parties just try to impress the public with some drama in the Assembly, but reality is completely different. Further, the attitude of Congress High Command and BJP leadership compels the state units not to sharpen their voice against the ruling party in Odisha.

Chittaranjan Tripathy: As long as Naveen Patnaik remains the CM, there won’t be any Opposition in Odisha.

Asish Satpathy: BJP is doing a fair job of highlighting the loopholes of government in public arena. Opposition doesn’t always have to criticize the government if they are doing good.

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Ramnaresh Mishra: Not necessary for an Opposition to put the government on back foot all the time. Sometimes they need to support the ruling party too. However, the opposition parties have failed to address the real concerns of people of Odisha and allowed the government to escape the scrutiny.

Rasmi Ranjan Lenka: No… No … There is no opposition party in Odisha as on today. They are just following the political tradition.

Rajesh Pattnaik: As long as we have a pliant media, no opposition can put the government on back foot.

Haraprasad Mishra: Not a topic for Debate …Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s my point of view regarding the political approach of BJP as an opposition party.

Simanchala Mishra: Not yet. As we have seen in the last four decades, personal charisma of one leader attracts voters in our state. Who in Congress or BJP can match Naveen? Congress is just struggling for existence without a tall leader. BJP doesn’t want Naveen out as he is a friendly enemy. Anyway, I can bet on a different equation after Naveen.

Abhin Adhikari: We have an Opposition party here. But the ruling party is allied with them at the Centre.

Anirudha Nayak: I think BJP Will… But they need strong leaders to raise such issues. Otherwise, they will fail before the overwhelming strength of the ruling party in the House.

Apurba Ranjan Panda: It’s a big NO. The Opposition parties have failed the people of Odisha in the guise of opposition while people trusted them to be a strong match to the ruling party. When it comes to betrayal with Odia people, Opposition has a lot to answer than the ruling party.

Devi Prasad Misra: If the government is on the track, then why it should be put on the back foot?

Surya Narayan Sahu: When party interest gets priority over public interest, opposition neglects the real issues. Politicians of Odisha needs to realize politics is a profession to serve the people, not to make money out of it.

BJD-BJP-CongPrakash Parija: No, we don’t have. Congress has lost its credibility and BJP is unstable.

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