Debate: Social Media becoming Dirtiest Place?


Our Question:  Has Social Media become a place of Hatred, Jealousy, Attacks and Propaganda? Do you see any change in future? What’s the way forward?

Sambit Nanda: It’s a mixed place and will be the same forever . The social media companies are very much concerned about the amount of hatred propagated though there apps .

Basudev Mahapatra: We simply need more education on democracy, behaviour and expression.

Devendra Adhikari: Purely because Frontline media has become the voice of the elite…common man’ s voice is hardly heard….the fourth Pillar has almost collapsed… Dictatorship is winning democracy is losing everywhere…social media is easily accessible to the common man and obviousely people are using it the way they want…

Biswanath Rath: It’s going to be a mixture. Just like real world. It will also be used for good purpose by many, but the number (of such people) are reducing at a faster rate than before because of the hatred, propaganda being spread. General people are slowly reducing the usage of social media.

Laxminarayan Kanungo: People should Google and try to find out the truth before believing anything they read. Of course, SM has democratised the discourse in a democracy.

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Nirmal Panda: Apart from the positive impact of Social Media in Indian politics especially in the last decade, one can also see a strong negative impact in usage not only from the people within the country but also outside the country.

Susmita Pradhan: It’s completely a platform for propaganda.

Shivaprasad Barik: Perfectly No. As U show , So U ripe.

Anirudha Nayak: It’s depends upon person to person and character to character

Sai Papu: It depends upon the quality of people who handle social media. If people are good, social media can also be a place for bliss.

Binod Panda: Mix of good and bad are there. While hatred, jealousy are -ve points, +ve part is it gives freedom to commonman to build their own narrative rather becoming a victim of Print media narrative. When Journalists are biased for different political parties since long time, Social media is an excellent platform to expose them and know both side of story.

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