Debate on Ban on Swargadwara Cremations in Puri; Your Views

TNI Bureau: What’s your take on ban on Cremations at Swargadwara for People outside Puri District?

Deepak Kumar Prusty: Wrong decision. They are not banning what they should have.

Simanchala Mishra: It’s attached to the sentiments of people. Even the court tries to entertain the last wish of convict before hanging. If the last wish of a dying man is Swargadwar, it should be honoured as a matter of faith. The Govt has every right to impose restrictions, but people’s sentiments shouldn’t be hurt.

Gopal Sahu: It is an unlawful and dictatorship, which violates one’s fundamental rights (right to freedom of religion), as it is believed that someone’s last rites at Swargadwar leads towards salvation of the sacred soul. Looking into traditions and religious beliefs, it must be reviewed and reconsidered immediately.

Soubhagya Ranjan Mohanty: Puri is known as a sacred place of customs and rituals. The ban is completely uncalled for. One has to respect the last wish of the deceased. The District Administration may try to find alternative ways to tackle the issue of morality and ethics.

Sambit Nanda: Precautions are more important.. People’s choices are second priority, Prabhu Jagannath has indicated this message during this year’s Rath Jatra only.

Akshay Kumar Rout: Frankly speaking, pan odisha don’t use Swargadwar for cremation. It’s a matter of faith. People from Jajpur up to Mayurbhanj, they don’t use. Even Cuttack doesn’t. Mostly coastal districts surrounding Puri and those who have immense faith that that’s the way to heaven, get their cremations at Swargadwara. The decision won’t affect people in North, Western and South Odisha at all. So, it’s a trivial matter to be debated.

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Sahasranshu Mahapatra: It’s a blatant illegal and mindless decision. The District Administration must address the substantial loopholes in the system rather than resorting to publicity stunts. It’s illegal and must be challenged in the court of law. Then by same logic, why only restrictions on the visit to Swargadwar, but all entry points to Puri must be sealed. Nobody or no vehicle must be allowed to Puri.

Ratna Sagar Tripathy:  Swargadwar is attached with emotions of the people who believe in MOKHYA…but the situation different, so it is very important to focus on public health now. The world is facing many problems related to pandemic; it is also one of these.

Shrabana Kumar: Ban on cremation at Swargdwar is unwarranted….Only few people wish that before or well before death… after all humanity should not be sacrificed at any cost, with all possible measures to curb Covid-19.

Nirmal Panda: In the current context, such a decision by the government is welcome.

Sai Papu: Right decision is taken by the administration. Cremations at Swargadwara is a religious belief only.

Balakrushna Patra: Judicious farsighted move by the District Administration. Let’s welcome the decision.

Sajjan Sharma: We can argue in favour and against. It was proven during the Ratha Jatra debate in the Supreme Court. The most important point is what the CM wants!!!

Jayanta Kumar: Yes it’s a good decision to avoid the pandemic situation.

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