Bengal Chit Fund Scam: Sudipta Sen reveals Odisha Link

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The letter by Saradha Group promoter Sudipta Sen, who claimed the involvement of the key politicians belonging to TMC and Congress, revealed a big financial scam worth crores in Odisha.

In an 18-page letter to the CBI, naming all those who were allegedly responsible for the fall of the Saradha Empire, Sen alleged that some marketing leaders of Odisha were involved in the financial scam and crores of rupees were generated and looted by them for their own interest.

The scam estimated to be worth Rs 20,000 crore. Sen claimed that companies like Nasir Khan’s Fine Indisales (Rs 500 crore), Ashore Group and Dream Achiever were involved in the money laundering activities. Even he alleged that he was cheated by one of the influential person from Odisha who took Rs 2 crore cash over the last three years.

However, Sen in his letter did not mention the person’s name. Earlier, he dragged Union Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s wife Nalini Chidambaram and some TMC MPs for their alleged involvement in the Chit Fund scam. Sen claimed that he had paid more than Rs 1 crore to Nalini Chidambaram at the instance of Manoranjana Singh, the estranged wife of Congress leader Matang Singh. Manoranjana is alleged to have been trying to get Saradha to give Rs 42 crore to set up a TV channel in Guwahati.

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