Advani fighting A Losing Battle


The man, who took the BJP to the highest level by rejuvenating the cadres and leaders over the years, stands isolated today. Some loyal leaders may still be behind Advani, but majority of BJP cadres across India chant ‘NaMo’, ‘NaMo’, dashing the hopes of the veteran to make a comeback as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party.

Uma Bharti, Jaswant Singh, Yashwant Sinha, BC Khanduri and Shatrughan Sinha have thrown their weight behind the BJP patriarch by skipping the Goa meet. But, they hardly enjoy any power and influence in the party these days. When Advani skipped the Goa meet, citing health reasons, tremors were felt in the party. However, Rajnath Singh and Co. with the blessings from the RSS are adamant on Modi’s coronation as the Election Campaign Committee Chief for 2014.

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The latest development showed that Advani is suffering from an identity crisis, as many leaders and cadres are heard praying for Advani’s retirement and the elevation of Modi, who represents the youth and power politics. By skipping the Goa Meet and putting the party leadership in a dillema, Advani has damaged his own reputation and stature as one of tallest leaders in the country.

Many BJP leaders are surprised at Advani’s stubbornness and defiance. Is it just because Advani wanted to be the power centre as long as he remains in politics. It’s high time he sheds his ego and personal ambition to pave the way for young leadership and respect the sentiments of his own cadres who want Modi at the helm.

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