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2578 Rural Buildings damaged by Cyclone and Floods in Odisha


Bhubaneswar, 28th October 2013: The fiery Cyclone “Phailin” triggering strong winds and heavy rains, left in its wake devastation in the coastal areas of Odisha. The flood which followed also added fuel to the flames causing extensive wreck to infrastructure. Rural buildings and rural roads have been severely damaged.

DSC_0788Out of total rural road length of 16444 Km in 15 affected districts, 8099 Km.
road including 2210 Km. of PMGSY road (completed PMGSY road in 15 Districts being 12583 Km.) have been damaged. The damages have been assessed to approximately Rs.170.00 crores for rural roads.

Out of 2578 nos. of damaged rural buildings, 28 nos. are fully damaged and urgently require reconstructions. 384 nos.of rural buildings are severely damaged. Roofs of these buildings are leaking, doors and windows, plastering, compound wall, flooring & plinth protection have been damaged.

These rural buildings need renovations. 2166 nos. of rural buildings87 have been partly damaged in which only flooring, plastering, compound wall & plinth have been damaged. These buildings only require repairs of these items. An amount of Rs. 42 crores and 13 lakhs is required for immediate restoration and repair of these rural buildings.

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