Peace and Normalcy returning to Manipur


Imphal, TNI Bureau: In a positive development, Manipur is gradually witnessing a return to normalcy as a full day has passed without any reports of violence. Responding to the improved situation, the state government has decided to relax the public curfew in most districts, allowing residents some respite. Effective immediately, a three-hour relaxation window from 5 am to 8 am has been granted in both Imphal West and East districts, while selected districts will experience a relaxation in the evening hours.

The relaxation of curfew measures has prompted citizens to flock to local markets, eager to purchase essential food items that were previously difficult to obtain. Additionally, individuals have formed orderly queues at petrol pumps since early morning to replenish their fuel supplies. Simultaneously, the Army and Paramilitary forces are maintaining their presence through flag marches, ensuring the safety and security of the area. Rescue and evacuation operations are also ongoing, aiding those in need.

As the situation in the violence-affected areas persists, ongoing surveillance efforts are being carried out using drones and helicopters.

Kuldeep Singh, the Security Advisor to the Manipur Government, has been stationed in Imphal for an extended period, actively monitoring the situation. Recognizing the significance of unity, leaders and civil organizations from various communities have unitedly stepped forward to pacify tensions and implore the public to remain calm and harmonious.

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As Manipur continues its journey towards stability, the recent developments offer hope for a return to normalcy and inspire optimism among the residents. The government and security forces remain committed to maintaining a peaceful environment, and with the support of the community, the region aims to overcome recent challenges and rebuild a resilient society.

In a devastating turn of events on May 3, a tragic incident unfolded in Manipur, resulting in the loss of 60 innocent lives, leaving 231 individuals injured, and causing the destruction of approximately 1700 homes. Manipur Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, has issued an urgent appeal to the people, urging them to maintain peace and calm amidst the ongoing crisis.

As the state grapples with the aftermath of this unfortunate incident, the government has initiated efforts to provide aid and support to those affected. Chief Minister N Biren Singh has reassured the public that stranded individuals are being offered the best possible care and assistance at safe locations and shelter camps.

To address the pressing issue of stranded individuals, the evacuation process has been set in motion, with approximately 20,000 people successfully rescued so far. However, around 10,000 individuals still remain stranded in various locations across Manipur. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has been closely monitoring developments since the day of the incident. In response, he has deployed multiple units of Central forces to assist in the rescue and relief operations.

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