Manipur students in Delhi-NCR struggling to survive due to strife in state

New Delhi: The prolonged strife in Manipur has resulted in a distressing situation for numerous students from the state residing in the national capital. With the disruption of Internet services and restricted movement in the state, the Manipur students living in Delhi-NCR are facing difficulties in receiving financial support from their families back home.

A significant number of students are now dependent on the assistance of relatives and friends to cover their rent, as well as their fees.

This predicament becomes particularly burdensome for those enrolled in private colleges, where substantial fees are required and for rented accommodation. In order to meet their daily needs, some students are resorting to part-time jobs.

Some who live in PGs and rented accommodation are now finding it hard to pay the rent.

RK Yaiphaba, who graduated recently with a Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) degree from Delhi University and is vice president of the Manipur Students Association of Delhi, told IANS that for the last 45 days it has been hard for all Manipur students living in Delhi.

“We are just surviving and arranging money from our relatives and friends here to pay rent and for our daily needs, as we are unable to receive money from our homes. The situation is so grim that we are even ready to work as waiters, just for our daily bread,” he said.

Another student at a college in Delhi said that the government must take immediate action and use force if required to bring back normalcy in Manipur.

“How will we survive? We call for peace,” she said, adding that Manipur students here are helping each other in any way they can.

“Some of us are planning to work in call centres, hotels and restaurants, whichever job we get. We need to pay our rent on time in PG or rented accommodation,” said Bikram, a student at a university in Noida.

“We have taken money from our friends here but they too have limitations. They are doing their best to support us in tough times,” said Bikram.

“We are bearing the brunt of the ongoing violence in Manipur, unable to return home and lacking the means to sustain ourselves here. The current predicament leaves us in a state of uncertainty regarding our next course of action. It is imperative for both the state and central governments to promptly intervene and take decisive measures to restore stability in the region,” said M Konthoujam, a student in Delhi University.

The Manipur High Court, in an interim order, directed the state authorities to provide limited Internet services to the public in some designated places under the control of the state authorities.

The High Court’s observation came on a Public Interest Litigation filed by different individuals. It will now hear the case again on June 23.

As shortage of various essentials, transport fuel, cooking gas and life-saving drugs, disturbances in banking and online facilities are affecting the normal life of people in the strife-torn state, the Internet suspension for one-and-a-half months across the mountainous state has added to the miseries of the people. The impact can be also seen on students living in Delhi-NCR. (IANS)

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