Kaspersky New Security Tool Available for Android Tab


TNI Bureau: Kaspersky lab is considered to be the best computer protection solutions against computer viruses and other forms of malicious software, which protect the desktops and notebooks.

Recently, the company announced the availability of Kaspersky Mobile Security for Android, which will filter out all kinds of viruses from your phone.



These days, most of the people have a lot of personal information stored in their phones.  So it becomes a greater issue, when the phones get stolen or misplaced. Kaspersky mobile security comprises of a lot of features, which help the user not only protect their data, but also to track down their phone.


The new SMS FIND feature is available in this software which allows the user to track their phone, if it gets stolen or lost. The user can view the real-time GPS location through Google Maps and this location automatically gets sent to the owner’s registered e-mail.


If your android phone gets stolen and the thief tries to switch your SIM card to outmatch with the GPS tracking system, Kaspersky Mobile Security will send the owner. The thief’s new telephone number and the law authorities can track the stolen device.

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This feature ensures you that the thief or any third party person cannot uninstall this application. Since, it requires a particular password to operate which only the owner of the phone is supposed to know.


There is another way to protect your personal information, by locking the phone even when it is not in your hands. All you need to do is, send a message to your stolen/misplace phone and the phone gets blocked. You can even show a custom message on your locked device for the thief to see.


Your android smart phones are now safe from viruses, worms, bots, and spyware with the help of a combination of signature-based, proactive heuristic and traditional technologies. It also protects your phone from some newly emerging threats like the over-the-air antivirus database updates, scheduled and on-demand antivirus scans and cloud enabled protection.


This software allows you to avoid all the unwanted calls and messages. You can either make a white list or blacklist, which will automatically block calls /messages from these numbers. There are also three new profile settings which are ‘only SMS’s’, ‘only calls, SMS’s & call’s’.


This enables you to divide your data which anyone else should see or not. You can activate it manually or automatically.

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