Hyderabad Shocker: 4-year-old Kid mauled by Stray Dogs

In a shocking incident, street dogs attacked a 5-year-old boy at Amberpet in Hyderabad. The 5 Y/O, who suffered serious injuries, died moments after being taken to hospital.

In the meantime, CCTV footage of the heart-wrenching incident has now emerged. The boy in the video can be seen the young child was walking around in a playful manner when suddenly a group of stray dogs pounced on him. Despite his attempts to flee, the boy was unable to escape the attack.

Sources report that the incident occurred at a housing complex where the father of the child, Gangadhar, is employed as a security personnel.

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On Sunday, Gangadhar took his two children with him to a service center, leaving his daughter in the parking area and taking his son Pradeep with him. While he was occupied with some work, he left the children to play on their own.

At some point, Pradeep left the service center in search of his sister. It was at this time that a group of stray dogs attacked the young child, dragging him to the road and continuing to maul him.

Upon returning to the service center, Gangadhar witnessed the dogs attacking his child and quickly intervened to chase them away. He then took Pradeep to a private hospital, where doctors pronounced the child dead.

Recent reports also indicate that the child was already deceased by the time he arrived at the hospital. The local police station has registered a case related to the incident.

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