Army Responds to Rahul Gandhi’s Claims, Confirms ₹98 Lakh Paid to Agniveer’s Family

New Delhi: The Indian Army has responded to claims made by Leader of Opposition in the Parliament Rahul Gandhi regarding compensation for the family of Agniveer Ajay Kumar, who lost his life in service. Late Wednesday night, the Army clarified that ₹98.39 lakh has already been disbursed to the family, refuting Rahul Gandhi’s accusation that Defence Minister Rajnath Singh had misled Parliament.

“Certain posts on social media have suggested that compensation hasn’t been paid to the next of kin of Agniveer Ajay Kumar, who lost his life in the line of duty,” the Army stated in a post on X.  The Army emphasized its respect for Agniveer Ajay Kumar’s sacrifice, noting that full military honors were accorded during his last rites. It detailed that an additional ₹67 lakh in ex-gratia and other benefits, totaling approximately ₹1.65 crore, are due pending final account settlement after police verification.

The Army’s clarification followed Rahul Gandhi’s video message, in which he reiterated his claim that no compensation had been provided to Ajay Kumar’s family. Charanjit Singh, Ajay Kumar’s father, also told the Times of India that he had only received ₹48 lakh from his son’s unit, adding to the controversy.

The issue arose when Rahul Gandhi, the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha, criticized the government’s handling of the Agnipath scheme. He stated, “One Agniveer lost his life in a landmine blast but he is not called a ‘martyr’. I call him a martyr, but the government doesn’t. His family will not get a pension or compensation. Agniveer is use-and-throw, like a laborer.” Gandhi made these comments during the Motion of Thanks to the President’s address in the Lok Sabha.

लेकिन रक्षा मंत्री राजनाथ सिंह ने शहीद अग्निवीर के परिवार को सहायता मिलने के बारे में संसद में झूठ बोला।

उनके झूठ पर शहीद अग्निवीर अजय सिंह के पिता जी ने खुद सच्चाई बताई है।

रक्षा मंत्री को संसद, देश, सेना और शहीद अग्निवीर अजय सिंह जी के…

— Rahul Gandhi (@RahulGandhi) July 3, 2024

In response, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh urged Gandhi not to mislead the House with incorrect statements, affirming that the family had received ₹1 crore in financial assistance.

Gandhi further declared that his party would scrap the Agnipath scheme if they come to power, criticizing the current government’s stance. The Agnipath scheme has become a contentious political issue, with opposition parties such as Congress, RJD, and Samajwadi Party, and even NDA allies like JDU and TDP, expressing interest in reviewing or opposing the scheme.


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