Are You a Book Lover? Here are some Recommendations

TNI Bureau: From valuable knowledge to fascinating philosophy, the world of books takes us to places we could have never reached otherwise. This is what the famous author ‘Jhumpa Lahiri’ meant when she said, “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.”

Inspired by the treasure of books, we have dropped the top 5 book recommendations that you must get your hands on. The gripping context of these books are bound to leave a permanent impression on you and keep you engaged for a good time.

1) A Thousand Splendid Suns

 A masterpiece by the Afghan- American author Khalid Housseini , the novel refers to the horrors of the misogynist, cruel Taliban rule. The book sweeps you into a journey that is both emotional and heart wrecking. The characters in the story have the power to stay in your heart long after you finish the book. The story wonderfully presents the two women Mariam and Laila who grew from hating each other to being each other’s best supporter. 

 2) Alchemist

 The book is about a shepherd boy on a big mission. Leaving his hometown in Spain, the boy sets out on a journey to Africa in search of the treasure that he had dreams about. The theme of listening to our inner voice and progressing with a determined mind runs beautifully throughout the story. Full of interesting incidents, the book is also an inspiring read.

 3) Seven Moons of Maali Almeida

The award winning book of shehen karunatilaka has Maali Almeida as its central character who is portrayed as a person with a major negative outlook on life.

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Maali Almeida dies and reaches the stage of afterlife where he has 7 nights to complete a task. The unusual premise of the book really has the ability to keep the readers hooked.

  4) Three Thousand Stitches

Three thousand stitches is a wonderful collection of incidents from the life of Sudha Murthy- a teacher, social worker and the chairperson of Infosys. The book is a great non-fiction read that contains memorable instances of the life of the author. It explains how the author turned the life of sexworkers and provided them a better platform to earn their living. As a token of gratitude, these 3000 women gift a handmade saree to Sudha Murthy, which is why the name “three thousand stitches”.

  5) India. What can it teach us?

This book is a compilation of lectures delivered by Max Muller at Cambridge to British ICS officers posted in India.A rare type of book, by Max Muller it throws light on the rich Sanskrit literature and Vedic information.


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