Women Power: When Riya demolishes Sunny in Wrestling Bout

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By Triveni Thakur: This is an incredible story when a young woman (Riya) beats and humiliates a man (Sunny) who keeps on challenging women power always. We often heard, Patience is a charm of woman, but when a man tests her patience, the disaster is unavoidable. Whether it is sexual assault, physical or mental, a strong woman knows how to keep a man under the toe of her shoes. In India, where we believe in female deities, like Saraswati, Parvati (exemplars of love, peace and harmony), we have Kali and Durga as well, who know how to demolish the one who challenge the power of woman.

Challenge Accepted!

Without much ado, let’s come directly to the point. Sunny again throws a challenge to Riya for a wrestling match and she accepted again. The match starts, and as always he was fantasizing himself like a tiger, but for her, he was just a piglet.

Rules of the Game

Before moving forward, some rules were decided! There were 3 rounds in the match. Winning could be only consummated by pushing an offer. An offer or submission would exclude the beaten wrestler from the match. To make this match more interesting, the clause was – if Riya won, she would treat Sunny for slave for the rest of his life!! He can’t deny her orders, no matter what they are!! (Vice versa) Moreover there will be no further wrestling match between them!!

  • Round 1

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The match starts; he tries to hit her and punched on her face!! She fell down, bang! Blackout for a while!! He was happy, and kicked her again, she screamed, he was feeling contented that he hurt her, but no it was a roar of a hurt tigress, who have seen the worst situations in life. She got up again and punched on Sunny’s nose. She hits him repeatedly on the face, especially on the nose. Sunny fell down and asked for a halt!

  • Round 2

After Sunny settled down, it’s time for round two!! Now both came closer to each other and Sunny, tried to punch her again on the face!! He was clueless!! Now Riya understood that he can either punch her on face or kick her on belly, so she bent and here Sunny’s punch goes on the air!! Riya with her full power scooped him up and slammed him down hard to the floor. She, with her full force, grabbed him by her legs and continued to lock him in a totally vicious leglock. Sunny asks for help, but Riya looks stony faced at him. Now it’s time for halt as Sunny was raising his hands in a plea and begs her to stop.

  • Round 3

Now it was time of final round 3. Both of them were ready for deadly smashing. For Sunny, that was the last chance to show his manhood. He attacked once again, and Riya fell down, he sat on her, face, towards her feet and locked her legs. She was trying to free her up, but Sunny was too heavy on her!! But again one mistake by Sunny!!! He forgot Riya’s hands were still enjoying FREEDOM!!! Riya, with her flexibility, hits on Sunny’s Back and he falls apart. She kicked him and stand without a postponement.

Sunny tries to get up, but she kicked him on his face!! He was in pain!! Without any delay, she kicked him around 8-10 times continuously on his face. He tried to resist, but fails! Now Sunny was bleeding heavily from the nose and cheeks. Even his one eye was injured badly!! He pleads for mercy!! But she has fire on her eyes, mind, body and soul! Of course, she did not want to kill him, but yes, she wants to give him pain for life so that he would never ask for mixed fights and understand women power. So she brought raw salt, and put it on the wounds of Sunny. He was trembling with deep pain now, asking for mercy again and again! He accepted his defeat and fell on the feet of Riya.

The Match ends here!! Now Sunny has to accept all the punishments with open hands!!

‘Damaged Women are the most dangerous kind, as they know they can survive, regardless of any worst situation.’- Anonymous!

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