5 Reasons Why Modern Woman wants a Footmat

Men-Women-FeetBy Triveni Thakur: Modern women are far supreme among the women in the previous times. Today, she is queen in every sense. Whether it is taking care of business, home or managing any leadership, modern women can carry out any task confidently and without tolerating any non-sense. In short, today, she does not believe in male dominance and game-playing.

Without a stretch, let us come directly to the point, ‘Why modern Woman wants a foot mat?

  • Prefer giving orders

Gone are the days when women have to obey all orders given by men. Now they prefer giving orders, rather than taking! Modern women are educated, working and taking care of their family. Of course, when they can handle all these, they do not want men to poke their nose in all matters, but follow what they say.

  • Liberated and independent

For a modern woman, men are just other individuals, no more no less. She prefers being powerful, liberated and independent more than being sexy, feminine and beautiful. She prefers being stronger than sexy, which change the character of women as well.

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  • Free to Take decisions

Today, women are educated and knowledgeable to take any decision without relying on men. Whether it is business or domestic decisions, women can undertake all kinds of decisions, as she wants. She does not want man to decide everything.

  • Believes she is superior

A Modern woman is a combination of intelligence, and other strong attributes. She believes she is superior to men and why not? She is not a weak gender and loathes playing any kind of coquettish games. Because of this belief, she does not want other gender to rule over her.

  • Contributor

Modern woman has become a breadwinner in the family. She is earning more than man. In fact, she believes that earning is not based on gender, but based on one’s qualification and talent. So she prefers man to manage other responsibilities, as she is a bread earner.

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