21 Mega PWS Fluoride Projects get Affected


Fluorosis curse has loomed large over Nuapada. Bent spines and mottled teeth have made the affected people look older than they are. Contamination of groundwater by fluoride detected in 905 habitations of 387 villages of the district is the root cause. RWSS now moves to make Nuapada free of fluorosis by supplying water through construction of 21 mega Pipe Water Projects at a cost of 273 crore 87 lakhs.

It is noteworthy that 905 habitations in 387 villages of the district are partially or fully affected with fluoride. 1,714 tube wells out of 6,235 are found to be contaminated. 238 habitations are already covered with PWS. 158 habitations are covered with alternate safe source of water.

Out of 21 proposed Mega PWS 4 projects are already under construction. A Project Division has been created specially to address Fluoride problem in the district.

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