100-Word Edit: It’s Your Battle

Buck stops with us. Unless we remain careful, nobody can save us, not even Double Vaccination.


In this battle against Coronavirus, buck stops with us.

➡️ Avoid close contact and food with PEOPLE who have tested positive for Covid in the last 30 days. No adventurism please.

➡️ Avoid friends and others for a month if you know YOU are the carrier.

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➡️ No handshake, no hugging, no close business deals till the situation improves. Try everything online.

➡️ Even Double Vaccination won’t save you. Don’t be complacent.

➡️ Mask Up. Maintain Social Distancing. Avoid crowded places and large gathering.

➡️ Think about your FAMILY first. If something happens to you, they will be ruined forever.

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