Skeleton of Real Mona Lisa found, claims Archaeologists


TNI Bureau: In an ongoing research on solving the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile, the Italian archaeologists claimed that they have discovered the skeleton of the real Mona Lisa – Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece.

The reports could not be believable as everything related to Mona Lisa is still mystery. The portrait, which speaks thousands of words, now the archaeologists claimed that the character was a real; it was not imagination of the artist.

The archaeologists announced on Tuesday that the found the skeleton of Lisa Gherardini, who is believed to be the model for Da Vinci’s masterpiece. The skeleton was found near the convent of Sant’Orsola in Florence. The remains will be sent to the Department for the Conservation of Cultural Property for the test.

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The remains of the character may help the experts to reveal many things about Mona Lisa, whose mysterious smile still haunts human minds. The smile is still a question for the experts; even we can’t perfectly say whether the character in the portrait is a male or female.

The skeleton was discovered after notes of 1503 were found in the margin of a book in which Leonardo da Vinci had written that he was currently working on a portrait of Lisa Gherardini. Even the character Gherardini can be identified as a model for Da Vinci by 16th century art historian Giogrio Vasari in his “Lives Of Artists”.

Giuseppe Pallanti, another historian, who had given his best efforts to solve the Mona Lisa’s mystery, his 25 years of research revealed that Da Vinci’s father was Gherardini’s neighbor in Via Ghibellina.

The discovery also triggered controversy as Gherardini’s family members believe that her body should rest in peace, her remains should not be kept for research. Her descendent Natalia Guicciardini Strozzi, an Italian princess, asked whether the discovery could really solve the mystery of Mona Lisa’s smile calling the attempt as a “sacrilegious act”.

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