Russian Invasion of Ukraine – 10 New Developments

Insight Bureau: The USA & European Countries failed to defend Ukraine, which continues to be under attack from the Russian forces.

At least 137 Ukrainians died on Day 1 of the Russian attack while many more deaths have gone unreported.

Here are 10 New Developments:

?Ukraine’s President confirms death of 137 people and over 300 injured on Day 1 of #Russian attack.

?”We have been left alone to fight against Russia. Nobody stands with us”, he rued.

?Ukrainian President Zelenskiy asks the 27 leaders of Europe whether Ukraine will be in NATO; gets NO answer.

?13 Ukrainian Border Guards killed, as #Russia takes over Snake Island in the Black Sea.

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?Russia takes control of several Ukranian Cities and inflicts heavy damage on Ukranian Military Installations, Airbases and Naval base.

?Russia takes control of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. US claims staff at the plant are taken hostages.

?Ukraine claims it destroyed 30 Tanks, 5 Planes and 6 Helicopters belonging to Russia.

?A Russian military transport plane crashed in Voronezh region near Ukraine. Crew killed.

?Neither USA nor NATO showed interest in sending troops to Ukraine. They only imposed sanctions on Russia.

?New sanctions are designed for ‘long-term impact’ on Russia, says US President Joe Biden.

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