Russia-Ukraine Conflict: Key Developments (March 5, 2021)

Insight Bureau: Situation is going from bad to worse for Ukraine after NATO categorically refused to impose ‘No Fly Zone’. As Russia taking over the Nuclear Power Plants in Ukraine and inching close to control the entire country, President Zelenskyy slammed the NATO for “inaction” calling them “weak” and “indecisive”.

“Today the alliance’s leadership gave a green light to the further bombardment of Ukrainian towns and villages, refusing to establish a no-fly zone (over Ukraine),” said Zelenskyy.

It’s very much clear the sanctions won’t deter Russia from continuing its offensive as the war entered Day 10. Ukraine with the help of West and USA tried to win the “information war”, but they are losing the real war.

Here are Key Developments on Russia-Ukraine War:

➡️ Prime Minister of Lithuania said that calls for imposition of ‘no fly zone’ by NATO in Ukraine are ‘irresponsible’.

➡️ Ukraine’s president condemns NATO for decision to not enforce no-fly zone, says it gives ‘green light’ to further bombardment of Ukrainian Cities and villages.

➡️ Russian forces are closing towards Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility in Yuzhnoukrainsk.

➡️ Over 1.2 million (12 lakh) refugees have left Ukraine since Russia’s full-scale invasion began on February 24: UN.

➡️ Russia has banned access to Facebook, Twitter, Interfax in their country.

➡️ Strategic Ukrainian port city Mariupol has been ‘blockaded’ by Russian forces.

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➡️ Russian forces have made further advances towards the eastern outskirts of Kyiv

➡️ Sky News team targeted near Kyiv in Ukraine. One injured.

➡️ Top Media houses BBC, Bloomberg, CBC, CNN, Financial Times, CBS News and ABC News stopped broadcasting in Russia.

➡️ Italian authorities have seized a yacht owned by Russian billionaire Alexey Mordashov.

➡️ Russian currency Ruble is down to a record low of 121 per US Dollar.

➡️ Coal and copper prices hit record high.

➡️ Microsoft has suspended sales in Russia.

➡️ Brent crude oil price surged by $3, up to $118 per barrel.

➡️ Samsung has suspended shipment of its goods to Russia.

➡️ Singapore to impose sanctions on Russia.

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