Horoscope Today: January 16, 2021

Check out what you can expect from your day before you step out.

Aries: You can expect a romantic outing with your lover. If you need a break from the monotonous routine, an exciting vacation is on the cards. Both your health and financial front will be on the good side. You are will perform extraordinarily in a competition. Today you will win over the academic challenges. Your lucky colour is Sandy Brown, and lucky alphabet is D. The friendly numbers are 3,6,9. Try to stay away from Leo.

Taurus: You might be losing interest in the romantic front due to some reasons. Traveling seems to be on the card. It is an excellent time for an international trip. Your hard work and effort is likely to be appreciated in the academic front. Your health seems to be perfectly well. Your finances are also going to stay stable. Family will be supportive and bonds with all the members will strengthen. Your lucky colour is Sky Blue, and lucky alphabet is L. The friendly numbers are 4,8. Try to stay away from Scorpio.

Gemini: Things will likely rejuvenate in your last ve life due to your partner’s efforts. You might have to put in effort to remain fit. Think carefully before you invest money in something. You are likely to spend a peaceful day with family. You might need to give extra attention and focus to certain situations at work. Your lucky colour is Deep Sky Blue, and lucky alphabet is J. The friendly numbers are 2,9. Try to stay away from Scorpio.

Cancer: If you’re looking for love you may want to change your approach in seeking it. Maintain a health regime to stay fit. For those dealing with gold, today seems to be a profitable day for you. Pending payments are likely to be received and boost your financial front. The changes you would like to make in work front may not be well received. You are going to perform very well in academic competitions. lucky colour is White, and lucky alphabet is R, The friendly numbers are 2,7. Try to stay away from Virgo.

Leo: Your liking for someone may get rekindled after meeting them. Follow your health regime strictly to stay fit. You are likely to take the lead in academic front by beating everyone bin a competition m You meet and spend fun times with old friends. Those in tourism and hospitality you will go through a profitable time. You may get a big break in career. Your lucky colour is Magenta, and lucky alphabet is Y. The friendly numbers are 8,5. Try to stay away from Libra.

Virgo: If you are looking for love you may find it while you are traveling. You will smoothly be able hot your deadlines. Your efforts will successfully stabilize your income. Peace is likely to remain intact in domestic sphere. You are likely to gain profits by cracking a property deal. Your lucky colour is Light Green, and lucky alphabet is G. The friendly numbers are 6,16. Try to stay away from Scorpio.

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Libra: Your love life may hit a standstill due to no efforts from your partner. You may want to take a walk today, to keep yourself healthy and get some fresh air. It is a good day, not much to worry about, however, avoid dealing with properties. Plan your travel schedule according to the weather. Going to meet friends and family is on the cards. Your financial front is likely to make some gains. Your lucky colour is Dark Red, and lucky alphabet is H. The friendly numbers are 8,28. Try to stay away from Aquarius.

Scorpio: Try to avoid fighting over small issues with your partner as it may hamper your chances of going out. Traveling seems to be on the card. So, make plans, pack your bags and set out. You need to focus and rightly channel efforts in the academic front. Things will be great at work. You may have to put some home project at hold for the timing. Your lucky colour is Yellow, and luck alphabet is R. The friendly numbers 7,9. Try to stay away from Gemini.

Sagittarius: Keeping putting in effort and love might just stumble by on your way. You are likely receive a heavy payment. If you are a student, your efforts will show colours and you will succeed in examination. You may also enjoy a long drive along the country side. Your logical approach will save you from from last minute rush at work. Your lucky colour is Cream, and lucky alphabet is Y. The friendly numbers are 6,9. Try to stay away from Gemini.

Capricorn: The efforts that you have put in your love life will finally show colours. Follow your health regime to ensure fitness. Your work is going be extremely satisfying. Change the course of efforts in academic front and you will succeed. Your lucky colour is Lemon, and lucky alphabet is A. The friendly numbers are 7,11. Try to stay away from Virgo.

Aquarius: There might be problems in your love life due to misunderstanding. Avoid driving rashly. Peace will be there in domestic front. Think before investing, if necessary take advice. You might not feel like to exercise and follow the health regime. If you are looking for another job you may get a good one. lucky colour is Cream, and lucky alphabet is T. The friendly numbers are 1,11. Try to stay away from Aries.

Pisces: You will be able to give more time to your lover, and that will smoothen your relationship. Financial front will likely be stable. Health will be fine. You may have to agree to whims and fancies of a family member. Your lucky colour is Deep Sky Blue, and lucky alphabet is S. The friendly numbers are 5,9. Try to stay away Taurus.

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