Global Corona Update: Italy Death Toll tops 10,000

TNI Bureau: There is no respite for people in Europe, particularly Italy and Spain as the COVID-19 death toll continues to rise in these countries.

? Italy reported 889 new deaths in the last 24 hours, taking the toll to 10,023. This is the highest number of Coronavirus deaths reported by any country so far. Italy also reported 5,974 new cases today, taking the number to 92,472. The fatality rate in Italy has gone up from 10.55% yesterday to 10.83% today.

? Only the USA is ahead of Italy in terms of confirmed cases with 116,448 positive persons so far. It’s counting. USA Death Toll stands at 1,943 now.

? Spain reported 674 new deaths today so far, taking the number to 5,812. Number of positive cases has gone up to 72,248 there.

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? The United Kingdom (UK) has reported 260 new deaths and 2,546 confirmed cases today. Death Toll in UK has now gone up to 1,019 with 17,089 positive cases.

? 139 new deaths and 3,076 cases were reported in Iran today. Death Toll – 2,517 and Positive Cases – 35,408.

? France reported 311 new deaths and 4,611 cases. Death Toll rises to 2,314 and positive cases to 37,575.

? China has reported only 3 deaths and 54 new cases today. Death Toll – 3,295; Positive Cases – 81,394.

? Global Death Toll has now crossed 30,000, as it stands at 30,299. Number of Coronavirus cases worldwide is 650,913 and counting. 139,555 people have recovered.

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