Exit Polls predict BJP Govt in Maharashtra, Haryana

Modi-MaharashtraWhile all exit polls hinted at a massive ‘Modi Wave’ in Maharashtra and Haryana, the most trusted survey conducted by News 24-Today’s Chankaya predicted full majority for the BJP in both states. After hitting the bull’s eye during the Delhi Assembly polls and 2014 general elections, the survey of Chanakya, is being given due importance in the political circle.

High voter turnout reported from both states today. At least 64% polling was recorded in Maharashtra at around 6 PM. The polling percentage may go up when the final data is received. In Haryana, the polling record was shattered. At least 76% voting was reported from the state at 6 PM.

Today’s Chanakya has predicted 151 out of 288 seats for the BJP in Maharashtra. It has given 71 seats to Shiv Sena, 27 to Congress, 28 to NCP and 11 to MNS. The same survey has predicted clear victory for the BJP in Haryana too. It has projected 52 seats for the BJP in 90-member assembly followed by INLD (23), Congress (10) and JHC (5).

The ABP News-Nielsen exit poll has predicted 144 seats for BJP, 77 for Shiv Sena, 30 for the Congress, 29 for NCP and 3 for MNS in Maharashtra. It has given a clear mandate to the party in Haryana. According to the survey, BJP will get 54 in Haryana, followed by INLD (22), Congress (10) and HJC (2).

According to the India TV-C Voter exit polls, BJP will get 129 seats in Maharashtra, followed by 56 for Shiv Sena, 43 for Congress, 36 for NCP and 12 for MNS. In Haryana, BJP is expected to win 37 seats, while INLD may win 28 seats. The Congress could win just 15 seats followed by HJC (6).

The India Today-CICERO exit poll was no exception. It has projected 124 for BJP, 71 for Shiv Sena, 35 for Congress, 29 for NCP and 7 seats for NCP.

Maharashtra Exit Poll:

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ABP News-Nielsen: BJP+ 144, Shiv Sena 77, Congress 30, NCP 29, MNS 3.

India TV-C Voter: BJP 129, Shiv Sena – 56, Congress – 43, NCP – 36, MNS 12.

News 24-Today’s Chanakya: BJP – 151, Shiv Sena – 71, Congress – 27, NCP – 28, MNS – 11.

India Today-CICERO: BJP 124, Shiv Sena 71, Congress 35, NCP 29, MNS 7.

Haryana Exit Poll:

News 24-Today’s Chanakya: BJP – 52, INLD – 23, Congress 10, HJC – 5.

India TV-C Voter:  BJP 37, INLD 28, Congress 15, HJC 6.

ABP News-Nielsen: BJP 54, INLD 22, Congress 10, HJC 2.

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