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Cancer Patient Struggles for Treatment

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 By Dinesh Patnaik: Thirty-one year old Narahari Nag, a slum-dweller of Malkangiri district headquarter, has been suffering from cancer for long days. But as ill luck would have it, he couldn’t visit a better hospital for his treatment due to his poverty.  According to the eyewitness, the lonely patient has been lying in the slum helplessly.

When the grievance was drawn to District Medical’s attention by some locales, the authorities asked to wait for another 2-3 patients to come, then they will able to send the patients to Cuttack Medical in a single vehicle.

The hospital authorities may be right in their saying, but big question is– who will take responsible if Nag dies in the mean time?

It is hard to believe that in spite of existing of numerous health schemes for poor in the backward districts like Malkangiri, people like Narahari Nag are deprived from timely treatment or any help from government institutions.

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