Best Adventurous Activities you can do while in Odisha

There is a reason why Odisha is called the soul of India. There are just uncountable things we can do and learn in this state of prospect, whether you are a local here or you are simply visiting the beautiful landscape for a short period. From visiting the most breathtaking beaches, rich ecosystems, and incredible temples, to playing real money games, and appreciating the captivating waterfalls and lakes, there are diverse options you can do while in Odisha. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the best adventure activities you can do while you are in Odisha. 


  • Bring Out Your Athletic Self In Watersports


Experiencing watersports is a must activity to try in Odisha if you are someone who loves to play in the water and loves adventure at the same time. Ramchandi Beach, for example, is one of the top places to visit if you want to experience watersports in Odisha. Watersports activities like surfing, scuba diving, paddling, sailing, snorkelling, jet-skiing, and riding water scooters are some of the must-try activities to do. Watersports festivals are also held yearly at this beach, in which you can take part.


  • Learn About The Lifestyle Of The Tribal Villages


Another fun activity to do in Odisha is visiting the local tribal villages. There are over 62 tribal communities in Odisha, and exploring these places will surely give you an insight into their daily lifestyle and learn about the rich, vibrant, and colourful traditions and culture. It is a fantastic activity to do to expand your exposure to the raw and realistic life of the tribal people of Odisha. You can also experience artistic activities from them, like ornament making, wall paintings, body arts, and weaving, or simply purchase their work of art and make contributions towards their daily wages!


  • Go Birdwatching And Dolphin Watching 


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This is another adventure activity option you can participate in while in Odisha. Birdwatching and Dolphin watching can be fun and exciting, especially if you visit with your friends and families. Chilika Lake is a popular hotspot for this activity, where you can go boating and meet the friendliest aquatic mammal. You will also get to catch sight of some migratory birds. Moreover, if you are into photography, this activity will give you some awesome snaps! 


  • Experience The Breathtaking Panorama At Puri Beach


Who doesn’t love sunsets and sunrises? It is one of the best things to do for healing and relaxing one’s mind. You can experience the much-needed healing moment if you visit Puri Beach in Odisha. The sunset and sunrise at this beach are something you can never forget once you experience it. It is a hotspot place visited mostly by believers of Lord Jagannath, but you can visit with your friends and families as well. The best time to visit would be around November when the Puri Beach Festival is held. 


  • Go Boating And Explore The Wildlife


If the above options aren’t enough, don’t worry, because you might be missing out on something if you haven’t visited the Bhitarkanika National Park yet. Another plus point, if you love wildlife photography, you are going to love this particular activity. While on the way to reach the destination, you can also experience boating and catch a glimpse of saltwater crocodiles, water monitor lizards, king cobras, and many more. It is an unusual paradise, which can be experienced through boating only in Odisha!


  • Discover The Rich History and Artistry Through Caving


Caving is another popular adventure activity among many visitors in Odisha. There are numerous famous sites you can visit through caving, such as Udaygiri and Khandgiri, where you can explore and learn about the artistic works of architecture. These caves are known to have been the residential home to the Jain monks when King Kharavela of Kalinga was in rule. Many history and archaeology students show their interest and research about these caves in and outside of their professional education as well. While at it, you can also visit the Jain temples, which is another fantastic place to learn about the ancient history and architecture of India. 

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