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Sports Ministry approves financial assistance to Seema Antil Punia


SportsThe Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports has approved financial assistance to Seema Antil Punia, Athlete from NSDF for training and other support as part of preparation for Olympics 2016.  She has been allocated a budget of Rs 75.00 lacs under the scheme.  

It is noted that her coach, Shri Ankush Punia will accompany her during the period of training abroad.  The competent authority has approved financial assistance to Seema Antil Punia for training under Mr. Tony Ciarelli.

Approval of the competent authority is hereby given for release of 90% of the estimated cost of training for January and February 2016 (two months) as under:

 a) Coaching fee: USD 5400 (US Dollar Five thousand four hundred only) (90% of USD 6000)

b) Training expenses on other items: INR equivalent to USD 19800 (US Dollar Nineteen thousand eight hundred only) which works out to Rs 13,12,378.00 (90% of USD 22000)

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