Naga, Kuki, Meitei – all 34 tribes in Manipur must live together: CM

Imphal: Manipur Chief Minister N. Biren Singh on Saturday said that people belonging to all 34 tribes in the state have to live together and remain careful that outsiders do not disturb the peace and demographic situation of the state.

The Chief Minister said that Manipur is a small state where all the 34 tribes, including Meiteis, Kukis and Nagas, have to live together.

“Some people came much earlier, some people are indigenous, some came later but all we have to be careful that people from outside should not come here and settle here so that there is no demographic imbalance.

“As long as I am Chief Minister, I will not allow Manipur to divide or allow separate administration. I will sacrifice …to keep Manipur’s integrity intact,” Singh said a day after he tried to resign from his post.
Without naming any political party and outside elements, the Chief Minister said: “We can’t deny the outside element’s hand in Manipur violence.”

He said that the political hand in the violence is evident as an attempt to attack the BJP office was done.

He said that these attacks were not done by the public, ‘it was done with a political intention’.

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“Those who try to take political advantage in such a crisis will never be forgiven by God. Nobody should do politics with human lives…”
Referring to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s two-day visit, the Chief Minister said: “Rahul Gandhi should try to restore peace instead of doing politics. Timing of his visit was not proper.”

The Chief Minister said that the central and state governments are making all efforts, at all levels, to restore peace.

“Earlier in the day, I spoke with our Kuki brothers and sisters over the telephone. Let’s forgive and forget, reconcile and live together like we always have.

“The Government will try to screen and verify the identity of the people coming from across the border in view of the turmoil in Myanmar and send them back to their country once the situation improves,” the Chief Minister said.

Singh said that he was hurt by comments of some people in the wake of violence in the state and which had prompted him to resign, however he refrained from resigning after he saw people on the streets and their trust in him.

“A man can’t be a leader without public confidence. I feel good that after I stepped out (of the CM bungalow) there was a huge crowd on the streets. They cried and showed their trust in me. Thousands of men and women asked me not to resign. If they tell me to resign, I will. If they tell me not to, I won’t.” (IANS)

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