Indian Nuclear Power Plant Sites and pristine environment share space

nuclear plantThe exclusion zones that surround the Indian nuclear power plants are blessed with a spectrum of wildlife. Unlike fossil fuel based power production, nuclear power is a clean-air technology that doesn’t emit any pollution and is friendly to the environment.

Besides this inherent strength, two things are regularly happening in the sites of Nuclear Power Corporation of Indian Limited (NPCIL) that help the nature to thrive. One, the habitats and wildlife in and around these sites are preserved and maintained through an exclusive initiative called Environment Stewardship Programme (ESP). Two, more ecosystems and habitats are developed to provide shelters to wildlife like birds and butterflies.

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With these, plants flourish profusely, butterflies flit gleefully, birds wander enthusiastically, and animals stroll calmly in the Indian nuclear power plant sites. More than 250 birds are seen here.

Kaiga, one of the NPCIL sites in Karnataka, alone has about 245 species of birds while 295 birds have been recorded in another NPCIL site Narora in Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, countless butterflies exist in and around the Indian nuclear power plant sites as the plant life that provides food to them are abundant here.

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