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DMK revolts, withdraws Support to UPA Government

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In a big development today, the DMK has withdrawn its support to the Congress-led UPA Government at the centre on the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils. DMK has also decided not to extend outside support to the government, putting the government in minority. The government will now depend on Samajwadi Party and BSP to survive.

DMK is the second major party after Trinamool Congress to pull out of the UPA Government. It has 18 MPs in Lok Sabha. All five DMK Ministers will resign with immediate effect. DMK supremo M Karunanidhi has asked the government to take a clear stand by Friday or face consequences. He further said that continuing in the UPA is a damage to Tamil Nadu.

DMK had issued an ultimatum to the government to pass a strong resolution, indicting the Sri Lankan government of war crimes and advocating the cause of Sri Lankan Tamils. However, the Indian government was reluctant to take a tough stand on Sri Lanka, as both countries share good relations.

Also, India fears that meddling in Sri Lanka’s internaal affairs will prompt China and Pakistan to take up Kashmir or Arunchal issue on the global arena.

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