COVID-19 Death Toll rises to 28; Modi calls for Strong Resolve


TNI Bureau: With two more fresh deaths reported from Gujarat, Jammu & Kashmir and Mumbai (Maharashtra), the number of COVID-19 deaths in the country, has risen to 28 although the official website yet to record the new casualties.

The official figures put the number of positive cases in India at 989. 867 are active cases, while 87 have been recovered till date. Maharashtra has reported 193 cases of COVID-19, while Kerala has reported more than 180 cases.

State-wise Coronavirus Deaths:

Maharashtra – 7
Gujarat – 5
Karnataka – 3
Delhi – 2
Madhya Pradesh – 2
Jammu & Kashmir – 2
Tamil Nadu – 1
Punjab – 1
Bihar – 1
Kerala – 1
Telangana – 1
West Bengal – 1
Himachal Pradesh – 1

Prime Minister Narendra Modi calls for courage and strong resolve in the fight against Coronavirus, which has threatened the humanity. In his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address, the PM said that Coronavirus must be dealt with at the very beginning and India is doing that.

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“As the Coronavirus is bent on killing people, the entire humanity must unite and resolve to eliminate it. It’s a battle of life and death, and tough decisions were necessary. I apologise to people for difficult decisions that caused hardships to people, especially poor,” said Modi.

PM Modi urged people to follow ‘Lakshman Rekha’ for several days to keep Corona at bay. “People who did not follow the quarantine measures across the world, are repenting today, warned Modi.

The PM also hailed the ‘Corona Warriors’ for working tirelessly during the lockdown for the safety and convenience of others and warned against their ostracitzation by the community. He also talked to the people who were infected with Coronavirus, but recovered later. Modi encouraged them to share their experience.

PM Modi also asked people to reconnect with old friends and induge in social interaction while maintaining social distancing. He asked the people to revive the old hobbies like gardening, music etc.

“We have to win this battle, we will definitely win this battle against Coronavirus,” he said.

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