Bigg Boss 6: Sapna Bhavnani abuses Salman Khan


TNI Bureau: Sapna Bhavnani, one of the Bigg Boss 6 contestants abused host of the show Salman Khan, calling him a ‘serial woman-beater’. The celebrity hairstylist reportedly showed her anger on a remark by Salman in previous episode.

Earlier, reacting to the claim of Sapna that she was not on the show for the prize money, Salman had answered that if Sapna is not there to play the game, is she on a picnic at a resort?

As a reaction to this, Sapna locked horn with Salman and replied that she is not the one to accept anything the star says. “Koi haq nahi banta har hafte sabki bezzati karte rahe. Kyunki aap mujhe paisa dete ho mai aapki bullshit sunti rahoongi har Friday,” Mumbai Mirror quoted the hairdresser as saying.  An enraged Sapna abused the actor a lot and also called him a “serial woman-beater.”

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But everybody knows that Salman cannot be blamed like that. Bigg Boss is a show where the contestants need to build up their images properly through their activities in the Bigg Boss house, so that they can continue in the house for long. Thus, in this nexus, if Salman provoked the hair stylist to play the game faster, it is certainly not a mistake. Anybody, who would have been in his place, would have said the same lines.

But reply by the mere hairstylist to the superstar does not seem acceptable. Again, not only she slapped the superstar with hard-words, but she also went on pointing the actor about his nature, blaming him to be a ‘serial woman-beater’, which can be seen as a personal allegation, which cannot be part of the game at all. So it is obvious that the viewing public will not get to watch Sapna take on Salman.

This is for the first time that a Bigg Boss contestant has dared to abuse the host.

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