Significance of Dhanteras and how it’s celebrated in Odisha Now

It has lately gained fashionability and popularity among Odia people as well.

TNI Bureau: The festivity of wealth and prosperity known as Dhanteras is primarily celebrated in North India. It has lately gained fashionability and popularity among Odia people as well. The purchase of precious essence like gold, silver and jewellery is becoming a fashion among Odias.

During the periodic spring festivity of Akshaya Tritiya, people in Odisha generally buy new particulars. With time, effects have evolved, however. These days, Odia people from all walks of life show interest in Dhanteras and go shopping.

The expressions Dhan and Teras are combined to form the expression Dhanteras. Dhan denotes wealth, whereas Teras denotes the thirteenth day of Krishna Paksha. In India, the first day of Diwali is known as Dhanteras or Dhanatrayodashi.

Also, buying gold jewellery is particularly auspicious during Dhanteras because gold is a symbol of success and wealth. In addition, they buy brass, tableware, and essence products because they suppose that doing so on Dhanteras will bring them luck, success, and protection from the evil eye.

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On the day of Dhanteras, people worship Lord Dhanvantari. Hindu tradition claims that Lord Dhanvantari appeared during Samudra Manthan while carrying the sacred book of Ayurveda and a Kalasha full of Amrit, an Ayurvedic herbal admixture that bestows eternity. He’s regarded as the Vaidya of the Gods.

Another interesting Dhanteras- related yarn exists. According to tradition, King Hima’s 16- years-old son would corrupt from a snake bite on the fourth day of this marriage. Knowing this, his wife averted him from getting any rest during the day and night. She also arranged all of her possessions, including gold jewellery, around her husband’s bed, lit up the space, and she began singing.

On the fourth night, as promised, Yamraj appeared there like a serpent but spared the King damage. For this reason, buying gold and lighting up the house are believed to bring substance and no detriment to you on Dhanteras.

Purchasing gold during Dhanteras is allowed
to bring Lord Kuber’s blessings into the home. also, it’s a common belief that because to the blessings of the Lord of Wealth, the effects you buy on this day increase in value by 13 times.

The Dhanteras puja muhurat is between 07.02 pm and 08.18 pm.

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