Odisha Govt promises dignified cremation/burial of Covid-19 Deceased


TNI Bureau:  Following the central guidelines, the Odisha Government on Saturday has decided to ensure a dignified cremation and burial of the patients who die of Covid-19.

Family members of the Covid-l9 deceased will be allowed to see the bodies and participate in the funeral.

The Odisha Government has however, decided to take full responsibility of the disposal of the dead bodies and sanctioned Rs 7,500 per deceased.

While disposing the dead body at the crematorium/burial ground, the family members may be allowed to perform the last rites according to their religion/faith without touching the body, maintaining minimum safe distance from the body and following standard hygienic precautions, such as hand hygiene, use of mask & gloves, no spitting in public place.

The family may be allowed to collect the ash after cremation for performing the last rites. But, not more than 20 persons including the priest will be allowed to participate in the function, the notification added.

However, the relatives of the deceased should not be allowed to do the final bath, hugging and kissing as part of ritual.


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