North Korean City on Lockdown amidst Search for 650 Missing Bullets

North Korea: With the strict regulations applied to its residents, it is not surprising that North Korea is regarded as the world’s most isolated nation. The government denies its citizens’ fundamental rights and imposes bizarre totalitarian laws.

Watching foreign films, listening to foreign music, or making international calls can all result in arrests for citizens. They can only get haircuts that have been authorised by the authorities.

In one such bizarre instance, In order to discover 653 missing bullets, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has placed the city of Hyesan, which is home to over 200,000 people, under lockdown. The bullets reportedly vanished after a military withdrawal, causing the North Korean leader to ask officials to examine the city, according to Radio Free Asia.

The city of Ryanggang, where Hyesan is situated, will continue to be under lockdown until all the bullets have been discovered, according to locals. According to reports, the missing ammo vanished on March 7 during a military retreat that took place between February 25 and March 10.

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According to sources, after realising they had misplaced the ammunition during the evacuation, the soldiers made an effort to retrieve them on their own before alerting the authorities. As it became clear that they couldn’t find the bullets, they alerted the authorities, who then put the city on lockdown.

Local officials have given instructions to enterprises, farms, social clubs, and neighbourhood watch units to comply with the probe. However, residents have claimed that the authorities are spreading fear and lying to put pressure on them.

This announcement comes after Kim Jong Un urged for an increase in the creation of weapons-grade nuclear materials to build the country’s nuclear arsenal. He also emphasised that the weapons should always be ready to use.

The North Korean Military had administered a nuclear air explosion strike simulation with two ground-to-ground tactical ballistic missiles in the course of Monday’s firing training. Additionally, a defence research organisation tested an underwater strategic weapon system, reported state media outlet KCNA.

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