No Jennifer Lopez at IPL 6 Opening Ceremony


While Katy Perry could won heart of around 56 million people present at the IPL last year through her glittering performance, this year Jennifer Lopez has been dropped from performing in front of tens of millions of viewers at the Indian Premier League opening ceremony after her camp demanded her own plane and some other huge benefits that could not possibly met.

JLo’s manager Benny Medina reportedly asked the IPL organizers to make a private plane available to the international pop sensation and pay for hotel rooms for her extensive entourage, including stylists and a personal chef.

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On the other hand, some source from JLo’s team reportedly says that as the superstar would be busy in a song recording on that day, she cannot take the contact. He cleared that though an offer was made to her to perform at the IPL; the date conflicted with Jennifer’s current music-recording schedule for an album due this summer.

Making unreasonable demand is not new with JLo. The NY Post reported that before filming a video for African AIDS victims, the diva asked for a 45ft trailer, white lilies, yellow roses with a red trim and apple pie. Even it was rumored that in 2010, she had put her American Idol deal in jeopardy owing to her ‘unreasonable demands’.

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